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Discover the secrets of the long forgotten land of Penumbra



Today we're excited to share that Blue Fire: Void Maker is now available on all platforms for free! 

On consoles, Blue Fire: Void Maker includes a local level creation tool - so you can make the Voids you've always dreamed of! - plus a pack of 22 featured levels...


We are wrapping up July and are super excited, as we've reached a big milestone. Blue Fire is finally available on all mayor platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and PC!

In fact, we might have even gotten so excited that we had to keep working...



We're hyped to announce Blue Fire's FIRST FREE expansion is live!!!

The Void of Sorrows DLC is now available on PC, Switch and Xbox! 

This first DLC is an end-game content expansion based on a dark old tale of Penumbra. It includes two new areas: the Void Gate, a secret wing of the Fire Keep where the Guards once trained...


The big day finally arrived! Blue Fire is now available on Switch and Steam! We're incredibly happy and we're dying to hear what you guys think :)

On another note, we've put together a Blue Fire strategy guide for you guys....



That’s right, Blue Fire will be available for PC, Xbox and Ps4!!!


We’ve had lots of people ask us about this, and we’re so happy that it's now happening! It’s great to know people will have the chance to choose from four different platforms to play our game!


After lots of work, we’re hyped to announce we’re sharing a public demo for Blue Fire on Steam! 

(And by the way, we're also excited to show off our new artwork!)

The demo consists of two parts. Part One, the "Fire Keep", is the first segment of the game...


We're hyped to announce we have an official release date for Blue Fire!

Blue Fire releases February 4th 2021 on Switch and Steam!

Check out our new announcement trailer...



Almost two months have passed since we announced Blue Fire, and so much has happened! It’s really amazing to hear people are as anxious and hyped as us about Blue Fire, and it’s been so helpful in these hard times. So first of all: thanks!!

And now let's introduce our main character...

BlueFire - Key Art 2000px by 1000px.png


Hey there!

We're Robi Studios, a small indie studio from Córdoba, Argentina :)

After lots of hard work, we're living our dream of making Blue Fire, and we'd love to share the process with you!

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