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Blue Fire is LIVE
on Switch and Steam!


The big day finally arrived! Blue Fire is available today on Switch and Steam!

We're incredibly happy and we're dying to hear what you guys think!

We'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped in the making of Blue Fire. To each of our incredible team members, to our publisher Graffiti Games, to our friends and families, and to our amazing community, who motivated us throughout development and made us feel our game mattered. Thank you for supporting our game from day one ;)

To celebrate launch, we've also released our new Umbra plushie campaign!


On another note, we've put together a Blue Fire strategy guide for you guys! We grew up loving 90's game guides, so why not make one for our own game?
First thing you need to know, is that the guide is a big spoiler, so don't read it yet if you want to have a first blind playthrough! 
In the guide you'll find awesome screenshots, character and NPC images, and everything you need to know about the world of Penumbra and its secrets.


Developing Blue Fire has been an incredible (and crazy!) experience. We wanted to share a bit of that with everyone, so here's "The Making of Blue Fire".

To any new peeps, we've got an awesome Discord server where we discuss Blue Fire, hear everyone's feedback, talk about games in general and share all kinds of things! So if you're interested in joining here's an invite.

Last of all, we wanted to ask you to help spread the word :) The more people who know about Blue Fire, the more we have a chance of making more content and carrying on with this great adventure!

Hope you guys enjoy Blue Fire as much as we do!

Till next time,

The Robi Team

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