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Demo & more!


Hello everyone!

After lots of work, we’re hyped to announce a Blue Fire demo is now live on Steam! 


(And by the way, we're also excited to show off our new artwork!)

The demo consists of two parts. Part One, the "Fire Keep", is the first segment of the game. You'll be introduced to the vast world of Penumbra trough platforming and combat challenges, which will require you to master Umbra's movement. You'll also have your first encounter with NPCs and learn about the mysterious realm called the Void.


Part Two, the "Uthas Temple", is a more dungeon-like area way ahead in the game, where you'll have new abilities and items to uncover. Here, you'll encounter a strange being who asks for your help in vanishing the corruption from the Temple.

On a totally different note, we’re happy to announce that Blue Fire t-shirts are now available for sale!


If you'd like to share with us your thoughts and feedback on the demo, be sure to join our Blue Fire discord server!

Thanks for keeping up with development and hope you guys enjoy the demo as much as we've enjoyed making it!


The Robi Team

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