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Hi everyone :)

It’s been almost two months now since we announced Blue Fire, and so much has happened!

In spite of all the craziness, we’re staying strong and motivated by all the feedback and comments we’ve received. It’s amazing to hear people are as anxious and hyped as us about Blue Fire, and it’s been so helpful in these hard times.
So first of all: thanks!!


And now… let us introduce you to our main character: Umbra!


We’ve been working on Umbra for quite a while now, and he’s gone through lots of phases ‘till we got him to his final version. He wears a navy blue and inner red cloak, which was once the uniform of the Warriors of Penumbra. He also wears a mask and carries with him a pair of swords. 

final umbra paint.gif

Umbra’s a soulless being with an aggressive nature. His small but agile body makes him a stealthy warrior with great potential, which you’ll build up through combat and exploration. Also, as the game moves forward you’ll be able to personalize Umbra through souls, weapons, spirits and other items. 

Umbra_Gif_ (2).gif

Empowered by the Black Shadow, he has an extraordinary set of abilities. He can dash, wall run, wall jump, double jump, down-smash, slash both horizontally and vertically, do a spin attack, and use all moves combined to move throughout the world of Penumbra. 

cool void.gif

Overall, Umbra’s a sketchy guy, and you’ll have to dig quite a lot to learn more about  who he is. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun as we did putting his story together!

And that’s all for now! We’re working hard and have lots of surprises planned for the next few months… So don't miss out :)

Stay strong, 

The Robi Team.

Introducing: Umbra

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