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Hey everyone! That’s right, Blue Fire will also be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4!!!

Blue Fire will launch first on Nintendo Switch and Steam, and be available soon afterwards on PlayStation and Xbox :)

We’ve had lots of people ask us about this, and we’re so happy that it's now happening! It’s great to know people will have the chance to choose from four different platforms to play our game! 

On a different note, we've got another announcement: we’ve decided to postpone Blue Fire’s launch to Q1 2021.


The current COVID-19 situation presented us with many challenges we hadn't anticipated, and as much as we tried to take advantage of locking ourselves up to work nonstop, finding new workflows for content creation and implementation has resulted in delayed development.


Overall, it was a hard decision to make, but we’re sure it’s best for Blue Fire and are hyped by how things are shaping up :)

Last but not least, we want to share with you Umbra’s latest feature: emotes! 

It started out with trying out random animations to see how they looked, and we got excited right away. There’s now more than 10 emotes, which can be unlocked through exploration or bought from NPC's.


And that’s all for today! We've just opened a Blue Fire Discord server, so if you want to know our day to day updates and share some cool stuff, be sure to join!

Hope you keep tagging along with us in our journey :)

The Robi Team

PC, Xbox One & PS4!

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