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Release Date & New Trailer


Hi everyone!

We're hyped to announce we have an official release date for Blue Fire!

Blue Fire releases February 4th 2021 on Switch and Steam!!!

Check out our new announcement trailer:

On a different note, we wanted to introduce you to one of our favorite species of Penumbra: The Onops!

The Onops were once one of the biggest civilizations of Penumbra, and currently the only one that has remained almost intact. They’re very small creatures who arrived to the land a very long time ago and established deep inside the caves, where they found rocks, lava, minerals and steam as their primary resources to build what is now Rust Village. 


Some of these creatures are really hard workers, while others are all about fun & rest. On the whole, most of them are impulsive, social and playful beings, who love gathering around and telling stories. 


We’d also like to share -courtesy of The Onop Royal Symphony- a sneak peak of Blue Fire’s main theme. They’re still working on timing, but they get better day by day...

Yeah... They still need to practice a bit...

Now for real, here's the original theme song! As a heads up, Blue Fire's complete soundtrack is composed by Ariel Contreras-Esquivel.

Blue Fire Main Theme
00:00 / 01:49

And that's all for today! Thanks to everyone who has tagged along in our journey, we hope you guys are as happy as we are :)

Till next time!


The Robi Team

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