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Presenting: Solar Raiders


Hey everyone!

We're back with blasting news!

After a lot of hard work, we're hyped to announce our upcoming game SOLAR RAIDERS!

Solar Raiders is a fast paced third-person rougelite with platfomer-shooter gameplay.

After being kidnapped by The Big Boss, raiders will have to gear up, suit up and shoot out on an intergalactic mission to steal the Solar Core…and most likely fail. Solo or with friends, you'll have to overcome enemy packed dungeons, raid, loot, unlock powerful skills, create unstoppable builds and prepare to die.

Solar Raiders’ features include:

  • Third-Person Movement Shooter - Jump, dash, slide, wall run, hook and much more in this frantic fast paced platformer-shooter.

  • Challenging Bullet Hell - Glide through a rain of bullets while unleashing chaos.

  • 4 Player Co-op - Embark on a cosmic quest with friends online, or take on this task solo.

  • Dungeon Crawler - Snatch your map, explore and loot ever-changing intergalactic locations in an attempt to ultimately steal the Solar Core.

  • Unique Replayable Runs - Guns, Flamethrowers, Grenade Launchers, Ice Beams and … Bubble Blowers? Create unstoppable builds mixing crazy weapons, perks and skills.

  • Roguelite experience - Gear up, make friends with criminals and unlock permanent upgrades at the Hub between runs.

  • Vibrant & Fun Art Style - Unleash destruction in this fun & vibrant universe.

  • Character Customization - Express your creativity and create your perfect space raider choosing clothes, emotes and more. 


Nas is the main deck assistant. If anyone has any questions, they can always count on Nas to clear all their doubts. She has direct connection with The Big Boss, so she's also in charge of delegating all tasks and recruiting new members for the mission.


Ira is the lord of style. He has a great fashion sense and a keen eye for design. Did you know all the outfits for sale are designed and made by himself? You may not like all his ideas, but there's sure to be something for everyone in Ira's shop.


Duron is a long time researcher in the improvements field for The Big Boss' workers. He can make all of your adventures a little bit easier, in hopes that you complete The Big Boss' tasks and you can both go back home. Ofc, he's joined the crew "willingly". He just wants some vacations.


Big Guy is, well... he's a big boi. Gentle at heart, he took on his family business to help his parents, and now he's in charge of all Weapon dealing. He used to travel a lot to be able to sell enough, but now he's found a steady income in The Big Boss' deck

We've put a lot of the Robi & Blue Fire DNA into Solar Raiders and have also added small details and easter eggs dedicated to our fans. So for all of you who loved Blue Fire, we hope you tag along for this new and crazy journey, cause it's gonna be a blast!


The game is set to release in 2025 on Steam, but eager raiders can go ahead to wishlist and download a free demo now on Steam!

To stay on top of every update and news about this new project, you can subscribe to the Robi Newsletter and follows us on X (former Twitter).


We're really looking forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts, feel free to come talk to us on our Robi Studios Discord



Robi Studios

You'll also encounter different kinds of characters in this new world and you might get to know what kind of life they had before arriving to the main deck.


We can't disclose all their secrets, but here's an introduction!

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