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Blue Fire: Void Maker is a 3D platforming and level creation game. Let your imagination run wild designing hardcore, epic or silly levels and sharing them with others! The possibilities are endless in this FREE spin-off of the highly-rated

action adventure game Blue Fire.

  • Void Maker - Use a vast number of tools and assets to unleash your creativity and make all sorts of interesting and original 3D platforming levels!

  • Share your Creations - Share your Voids, gather feedback and perfect them. Challenge your friends, rivals and the community to defeat your Void!

  • Prove your worth - Search, filter and choose from community-made Voids and prove your strength by mastering the best, most interesting and most challenging Voids made by others.

  • Think outside the Void - The wide arsenal of tools, assets, visual, gameplay modes and options will allow you to create unique and very original ideas that expand outside of the core Blue Fire gameplay!

  • Hardcore Platforming - Leap through deadly traps and master movement to navigate gradually demanding platforming challenges.

  • Completely FREE no strings attached - We love our community and want it to grow, so we've decided to release Void Maker completely FREE!

Want more? Download our PRESS KIT for handy media, screenshots and logos.

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