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Void Maker Out on All Platforms!


Hi everyone!

Today we're excited to announce that Blue Fire: Void Maker is now available on all platforms for free!

We started thinking about our own Blue Fire level creation tool way back before launching the main game... And seeing people's interest every time we mentioned the possibility last year, we decided to go all in!


Blue Fire: Void Maker is available as a free Blue Fire DLC on all consoles and as a free standalone game on Steam. To play the Void Maker DLC, console players will just have to download the latest Blue Fire update.

On consoles, Blue Fire: Void Maker includes a local level creation tool - so you can make the Voids you've always dreamed of! - plus a pack of 24 featured levels, some of them made by Robi and others made by community members :)


To celebrate these awesome news, we're happy to share that our friends at Mango Mage Records along with Blue Fire's composer Ariel Contreras-Esquivel, are releasing a Blue Fire vinyl!


This vinyl will include a total of 18 Blue Fire tracks - 16 from the main game plus "The Covenant Arise" from the Void of Sorrow DLC and "Blue Fire (Trailer)" - all embodied in a deluxe 2LP vinyl gatefold jacket with matte finish and spot gloss, pressed at audiophile quality 45 RPM. You can now pre-order it here!

On another note, we're sharing some more of the awesome fan art we've gotten! Here's a new batch which includes several inspirations from the Void of Sorrows DLC, a Lego Umbra, a Santa Umbra, and of course... some ducks.

We've had lots of fun seeing what the Steam community has created with Blue Fire: Void Maker, and are now eager to hear what console players think! Feedback is always appreciated, so if you have comments or encounter any issues, please share them through our Discord Server or Twitter profile.

Lastly, we wanted to thank our community for all the love and support we've received throughout this amazing journey, it wouldn't have been possible without you.

The Robi Team

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