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Void of Sorrows DLC


Hello everyone! 

When we launched Blue Fire -our first game as a team- our biggest hope was that people would enjoy our game, and that with time we'd get to expand that world. The amount of love, support and positive feedback we've gotten since then has wildly surpassed our expectations and allowed us to keep working on this incredible story. 

Today we're hyped to announce Blue Fire's FIRST FREE expansion is live!!!

The Void of Sorrows DLC is now available on PC, Switch and Xbox! 

(PlayStation and Stadia version will be coming asap!)


The Void of Sorrows DLC is an end-game content expansion based on a dark old tale of Penumbra. It includes two new areas: the Void Gate, a secret wing of the Fire Keep where the Guards once trained and improved their skills; and the Sealed Land, a forgotten place hidden away for ages. 

There's also 16 new mind-blowing Voids, and you'll have to unleash your true power to make your way past them! If you wanted the chance to get the most out of your spirits and movement abilities, this is definitely it.

On top of all this, as you make your way through the story you'll discover hidden secrets, meet a very particular NPC, find stunning new cosmetics items and uncover an unbelievable truth... Ending in a new epic boss fight where you'll have to prove your worth.

And well of course, ducks.

On another note, we're proud to share that thanks to our awesome community, Blue Fire now has mods! It's super fun to see what people come up with by changing, modifying, breaking (!), deleting and adding stuff to Blue Fire. You can check out some of their mods on the Blue Fire Nexus page.  

Special thanks to Spuds -one of our discord members- who started from scratch and put together this great modding guide to help out new people :)

Last but not least, as promised, we're going to keep sharing some of the awesome fan art we get, so here's a new batch which includes illustrations, sketches, pixel art and even a Kirby-Umbra!
Don't forget to send over your art if you'd like to be showcased :)

We're excited to hear what everyone thinks of this new Blue Fire adventure, so if you have comments or encounter any issues, please share them through our Discord Server or Twitter profile. Feedback is always welcome and really appreciated!

As we mentioned, this is Blue Fire's FIRST DLC... so we'll be back!

The Robi Team

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